About Us

Zoo City Drug II maintains a well-stocked pharmacy of prescription drugs as well as a complete line of name brand over-the-counter medications and economically priced generics. In the event that your prescription calls for a medication not in our stock, it is ordered immediately and arrives the next day. 

A staff of highly educated and experienced pharmacists are available to fill your prescriptions and answer any and all questions that you have about your medication. All pharmacists are required to attend continuing education classes that insure that Zoo City Drug II's pharmacists' training is up to date in the world of evolving advances in the fields of medicine and technology. 

Zoo City Drug II files insurance claims with Medicare Part D, Medicaid and most major insurance companies, electronically when possible. If your insurance company is new to us, we will make every effort to get set up and begin electronic filing. 

All prescriptions and payment records are stored in our computer files and backed up regularly. This information is available to be printed as you need it for insurance, history or tax purposes. 

We believe that an educated public is able to understand diseases and medicines and is better equipped to make informed decisions about his personal health care. To that end, we have available:

  • drug pamphlets which provide detailed information on specific medicines
  • disease pamphlets which outline particular diseases, causes and treatments
  • drug monographs, available upon request, in English and Spanish
  • drug information cards which are attached to prescription bags, detailing instructions and precautions for each medicine prescribed, available in English and Spanish

If your prescription calls for a drug mixture or dosage not readily available, we cpmpound the exact mix and dosage for you. 

Last Updated: 4/26/2016